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November 19 2006 Bryan and Vinny Show

Welcome to the longest show in the history of the Figure Four Empire, the TWO HOUR AND TEN MINUTE BRYAN & VINNY SUPERSHOW~! We've got thoughts on last night's UFC 65 PPV with Admin Tony; my concession speech having been defeated by THE BOARD in the prediction game; thoughts on Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Serra and Tim Sylvia vs. Brandon Vera; a quick chat with Granny about the Dancing with the Stars Finale; a look at the ECW TV show; the strengths and weaknesses of that show as compared to TNA; a VERY mixed review of the TNA two-hour prime time debut; the good, the bad and the ugly on that show and what TNA's goal needs to be; how Joe vs. Angle needed to be booked and why shooting an angle was completely unnecessary; whether Abyss losing prior to Bound for Glory was that big a deal; ROH notes including thoughts on Chris Hero vs. Homicide and Bryan Danielson vs. Samoa Joe vs. KENTA; why ROH booking is so great and how it compares to TNA; the next generation of pro-wrestling; Smackdown this past Friday; why WWE can makes mistakes that TNA can't afford to make; and TONS MORE! Thank God for musical interludes courtesy the World Famous Drop Board, otherwise my voice would be no more. And we'll be back again with another members-only show later this evening following Bound For Glory!

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