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November 4 2006 Bryan and Vinny Show

We're joined by our buddy Craig IN STUDIO~! today -- and I hope he enjoyed it because he and Vince might both be banned for life if I don't get a good night's sleep this evening -- for the weekend Bryan & Vinny Extravaganza!!! We've got a ton of stuff to discuss including the rest of the ROH East Windsor show we started last week (headlined by Bryan Danielson vs. Homicide for the ROH Title); Smackdown and ECW, which were certainly better than last week, not that this is saying much; TUF, which was just as boring as ever; and TNA, which may, in fact, have been even worse than last week. Since I'm about to go to sleep and might forget this in the morning, I'd just like to suggest now -- and this is a friendly suggestion, not something in jest -- that maybe next week Vince Russo can book a POLE ON A POLE MATCH where the first guy to climb a pole and grab a pole suspended on the first pole gets the right to fight in a pole match the next week on TV. So anyway, that plus news on Kurt Angle's first TV match, you know, the one that happens prior to his first PPV match, happy birthday wishes to my dad, Granny~!, and sister (oops, we gave that away) and tons more!~! Nothing like a good meltdown to start the weekend.

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