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Oct. 14 Bryan & Vinny Show: Weekend edition, fun with Granny, Q&A, Bound for Glory go-home show, Hogan awesomeness, call that killed Vinny V Sports Report

It's the return of the Bryan and Vinny Show, the weekend edition! We'll open with a visit from Granny talking her trip to see Elvis (not the original) this past weekend, Lance's first thoughts on seeing Vinny in person for lunch, a special Halloween Q&A, and more! Then, a full rundown of the final go-home show for Bound for Glory. Could Impact keep it up with another better-than-average show, or did they mess it all up in the end? Plus, thoughts on the Hulkster and the call that killed the Vinny V Sports Report. A fun show to kick off the weekend so check it out~!

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