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Sept. 30 Bryan & Vinny Show: Granny returns with Q&A plus LIVE VINNY WEIGH-IN, plus a true rarity, an Impact review of a two-thumbs-up show~!

What an amazing program we have for you tonight, a program for the ages, this, the weekend Bryan & Vinny Show. First, Granny joins us to talk a number of different subjects, answer some Q&A's, and then help host A LIVE VINCENT VERHEI WEIGH-IN. Over 50 people guessed his weight hoping to win a UWF Hood Justice poster, and we'll tell you how many people got it right! Then, A POSITIVE IMPACT REVIEW. Yes. This was maybe their best show of the year, and featured one of their best segments in many, many years. A two thumbs up Impact, and we'll tell you why. Great show as always so check it out~!

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