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April 16 2008 Dr. Keith Show

It's the FREE Dr. Keith Lipinski Show for the entire interweb to enjoy! Special Guest Claudio Castagnoli provides rich delicious Swiss insight on topics such as his NOAH, teaming with/facing Nigel, Mysterious Swiss Ice Cream, Shirt/tie death match, CHIKARA training, Are$, Hero, Brodie Lee, pushups, the awful American economy, haircuts and velvet! Keith is joined by Rob Naylor and they proceed to set eclipse a new standard for dip**** radio and cough battels. Intellectual discussions are broached on topics such as "Favorite Buddy's", "Why if Ric Flair died today?", "Naylor workout tipz" and the show is closed a fitting topic of "Hey, how many dudez dropped duces in the ring?” Only here at!

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