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April 19 - DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Dario's Playground!!! - A look at the great Lucha Underground!!!!

DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Dario's Playground!!!

It's about time! 6 months since it began, we here at the DKP are finally ready to declare our unwavering love for all things LUCHA UNDERGROUND! The great man himself, The Cubsfan, makes his first appearance on the show to help guide us through Dario Cueto's temple. Cubs and Alan look at every performer on the show, talk some of their favourite matches and moments and generally just gush over the whole thing to a preposterous level. But if anything deserves gushing, it's Lucha Underground! So if you wanna be cool like Johnny Mundo, fly high like Aerostar, look good like Sexy Star or be the COMPLETE AND UTTER KING OF MEN like Pentagon Jr (ok maybe you can't reach that height) then get to listening!!! A really fun show, and best of all it's FREEEEE right here at your home for all things wrestling -! CHECK IT!!!

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