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April 22nd Dr. Keith Show: KING OF TRIOS preview with Chuck Taylor, Keith Lipinski, and more

If there's one thing we at Dr. Keith presents love, it's trios of men.....
...wrestling other trios of men for the right to be crowned the KING OF TRIOS!!!! And nobody does that better than Chikara Pro, who are back once again for the Fourth Annual Chikara King Of Trios! And we're so excited that we have got not one, but TWO Chikara guests on the show with us this week. Two men who will be in the thick of the action this weekend - Jigsaw and "Smooth Chucky T" himself, Chuck Taylor! Plus the return to the show of a man who once had his very own KOT team, no not C-Red... Dr. Keith Lipinski!!! Check it out!

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