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Aug 16 - DR. KEITH PRESENTS: G1 Climax Closure!!!

DR. KEITH PRESENTS: G1 Climax Closure!!!

It's a sad day for the sick freaks amongst us. Yes for those of us who golloped up 4 weeks of G1 and would happily start week five tomorrow, we simply have to accept that for another year.....the G1 Climax is over. To wrap up a mega month of New Japan action, Joey Bay (the biggest breakout star of the G1 not named #BigMike) and Pro Wrestling Ponderings' Jerome Cusson join Alan for a great discussion about the final three nights at Sumo Hall, and the tournament as a whole. We talk Stock Up, Stock Down, Power Rankings, our fave matches and so much more! A podcast that hopefully does justice to an incredible tournament. CHECK IT!!!

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