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August 30 2009 Dr. Keith Show

After almost three years at least seven "good" shows, The Dr. Keith Lipinski Show is back for its dramatic yet delicious season finale! A STATE OF THE SHOW~! address begins the festivities in earnest, topics include the future of the show, parenthood, why wrestling radio retirements like wrestling retirements never stick, priorities, a brief thank you list (the entire list would last the length of a super sized PPH show) and just moving on. Fear not friends, as the show this week is a celebration of the last three years of audio magic (yes, were reaching here), as Rob Naylor (formally of the Dr. Keith Show) and Alan4L discuss the greatness of the new summer of Punk, Jeff Hardy rulez, why September is a great month for independent wrestling, the end of IWA-MS, message board awesomeness, American Dragon is no Jonathan Pinaro and the usual hodge podge of topics. For anyone who ever listened to the show, this is my final gift to you (for the time being) – I hope it fits because I lost the gift receipt in my other pair of pants. Well GAVIN~!'s crying, until we chat again about the wonderful world of pro wrestling, I love you all. Goodnight, thank you, and may your god go with you.

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