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December 6 2007 Dr. Keith Show

What a better way to celebrate the Jewish celebration of lights or deal with rude festivus shoppers, then with a scalding hot FREE cup of the Dr. Keith Lipinski Show! This week on the DKS, CZW's Drake Younger joins Doc to talk Cage Of Death, SAW DEATHMATCH~!, carnage cup, torn earlobes nipples and thumbs, Rick Steiner, deathmatch tomfoolery, and even delicious muffins. Naylor and Lipinski discuss the return of Kobashi, MAN UP PPV, the top five wrestler list, WSX, Honky's wonderful YouShoot, Ring of Karaoke, 95 WWE Pyro = Comedy Gold, why Alex Shelley f*****' rules, and more! Yule times FOR FREE you cheap f***! Manischewitz UP!

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