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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Catch & kebabs in Germany!

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The DKP is back with a special ON THE ROAD edition as Alan was in attendance (and at the commentary booth!) for wXw's World Tag Team League this past weekend in Oberhausen.

Following an amazing three days of action, we're joined by one of the legend of online graps, your friend and ours -- STRIGGA!!! The great man chats with Alan about all the action which featured at least one strong MOTYC, a number of breakout performances, the best heel in wrestling (Jinny!!!) and much more.

In this case "much more" may include both kebab talk and artistic hindu squats! Following that, Alan talks with JT Dunn at the end of a tremendous weekend for himself and his partner Chris Hero which saw Death By Elbow go international! JT gives us a great insight into what makes him tick as a man and a wrestler. CHECK IT!!!

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