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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: The Christmas Party Wrap-Up!


Bellies are full after a lovely roast and more Roses, Celebrations, and other mini chocolates than you should eat in one go. Unfortunately that means the time has come to wrap-up the 2016 Dr. Keith Christmas Party, but fear not, the lads at the mansion go out with a bang.

Yes, as always we have Eamo and Justin on cleanup duty as the First Triumvirate of The DKP gather for the first time in FOUR MONTHS to discuss the letter “O” in wrestling (continuing Just A to Z’s) and as it’s Christmas they also go OVER THE TOP and break out the big screen movie projector to see Sly Stallone, Scott Norton, and Terry Funk in all their glory.

Of course it’s Alan, Eamo, and Justin so expect all kinds of Christmas capers and good times. CHECK IT!!!

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