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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: DKP Duos! When Lanza met Sempervive


Oh, it's a big one!

We're kicking off a brand new series here on the DKP and we're doing it for FREE! Yes, it's the first ever "DKP Duos" and we're starting with a bang as two of the most compelling men in wrestling radio meet on the air for the first time!

Yes, Joe Lanza and Mike Sempervive hook it up and it's as great as you'd expect. Over two and a half hours of audio greatness as Alan, Mike, and Joe talk all kinds of great topics such as NOAH's golden years, the rebuilding of New Japan Pro Wrestling, the Observer Hall Of Fame, Dragon Gate memories and a whole lot of back patting!!!

A FREE show but be sure to check out our archives when you sign up for much of the audio history that we discussed on this very show! CHECK IT!!!

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