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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Joe Vs. King Of The Ring part 2

It's the time of year where we'd usually get to gaze at a beautiful set of brackets with a crown in the middle, but unfortunately WWE aren't giving us any this year. Never one to sit back and settle for a raw deal, Joe Gagne rounded up the troops to disect every King Of The Ring that WWE have given us in past years. So sit back, grab a drink (or five), make a sandwich (or eight) and listen as Joe, Alan and former JVTW staples Matt & Justin tell you everything you need to know about the might of Kona Crush, the genius of Art Donovan, the fatness of Mabel, the hotness of 90's girlband Eternal, the stiffness of Punk/Regal and oh so much more. So big it couldn't be contained in 1 show (and barely squeezed into two) - it's the DKP! Check it.

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