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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Just Eamonn For WrestleMania!!!


To all good stories must come an end. To all good journeys, must come...well, you'll see. But before we get to that part of the latest DKP offering, Alan, Eamo and Justin are back in the saddle/van/ICE Train (with official German authenticity this week) again and run down the FULL card for WrestleMania Star! Yes the FULL CARD. We missed nothing. If you think we missed a match, you're wrong. That match is not happening. You're wrong. How dare you suggest such a thing! anyway yes, Jericho vs. AJ in the Ultimate Dad Battle, the League Of Nations version of lad culture, Ladders with Broskis, Revolutionary Divas, main events with unfortunate builds and just who will Dean Ambrose run into next??? The lads discuss it all on the final pit stop of the most magical trip of the year - THE ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA!!! CHECK IT!!! 

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