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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Justin & Alan's Road To WrestleMania!!!

A crazy new concept is unleashed this week on the DKP!!! WE'RE TALKING ABOUT CURRENT MAINSTREAM WRESTLING!!!! Contain your shock and awe please. Yes it's WrestleMania season, so for the next few weeks we will have Justin Shapiro randomly dropping in for shows where we discuss all the goings on in WWE-land. On this first edition we look at how the card is taking shape a week removed from the Rumble, what matches have us most intrigued, who we see swimming, who we see sinking and alot more. Plus plenty of the usual Shapiro wit and charm which was not dampered by the crushing loss of his Steelers - a topic we actually delve into in some depth! It's the DKP - your home for Scott Stanford AND Scott Hanson! CHECK IT!!!

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