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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: The Justin ShapirGLOW!!!


SummerSlam is in the rearview mirror, school uniforms are being ironed for the first time in months, a scattered few chestnuts are hitting the ground, and Harry Redknapp is hanging his head out the car door talking to someone from Sky Sports News about deadline day wheeling and dealing -- yes, sadly, summer is coming to an end.

BUT we at the DKP aren't going to leave you longing When September Comes, no sir, we have just what you need. You didn't think we'd let summer pass without the return of the one and only JUSTIN SHAPIRO did you? The Prince of the DKP is back and he's back to feel the GLOW.

We may be months late, but better late than never as Alan and Justin riff about all things GLOW show in their own inimitable way. Plus, hear what dangerous situations Justin has been putting himself in while he was away, and listen in as he SHOOTS HARD on WWE (pew pew!!!!) -= CHECK IT!!!

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