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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: The New Japan Elks Lodge!!!


After a busy few weeks in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Alan is joined by Joey Bay and Matt McEwen to take stock of things and look forward to what's to come with the New Japan Cup around the corner and big things after that.

The lads talk in detail about the rejuvenation of Minoru Suzuki, the new and improved tag division, what we should expect from SANADA's future, and much more. On top of all that NJPW goodness, the lads end the show with something they tried to do in January and that's run down their 2017 Capsule Comps!

Always good to put a nice final touch on things and 2017 provided us with plenty to bask in! CHECK IT!!!


And with that, guys and girls, we'd like to thank you for nearly 9 years of the DKP here at F4W! It's been such a fun journey and we hope you enjoyed our enthusiasm for this wonderful world of wrestling. Whether you tuned in for Justin & Eamo shows, old wrestling chat, discussion about Hasbro figures or even if for some reason you liked Alan..... we are so grateful and we hope you had a pleasurable listening experience! Viva Dr. Keith!!!! BYE GUYS!!!!

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