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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: The Pro Wrestling Journey!


Many thanks to Jade Costello for our show graphic!

Eight years ago, the DKP called up a very young, very much unknown Adam Cole and had a chat about his early experiences in the wrestling business. We're very proud to have continued to talk to Adam and followed his journey in the years that followed as he went on to great success. Well, now it's time to start a new. This time, it's not just going to be one wrestler that we follow, but a group of three.

Irish youngsters LJ Cleary, Michael May, and Darren Kearney all have potential to go on and do amazing things in this sport, and we will be there when they do! In what is their first interview of this kind, the three hopefuls talk to Alan about their respective introductions to wrestling, their training so far (which is very far ranging!) and their hopes for the coming year. We hope you'll all follow along with the lads as the DKP sticks with them on their journey! CHECK IT!!!

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