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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Puroresu Desu Ka!!!


On the eve of THE GREATEST DAY OF WRESTLING ON THE PURORESU CALENDER, the DKP brings you a last minute preview of all the big events which go down on July 24th.

Alan goes solo on this one, and if you can tolerate him talking uninterrupted for over an hour, then you'll hear an impromptu history of Dragon Gate's Kobe World hall shows, and a preview of their big show headlined by Shingo Takagi vs. YAMATO for the Open The Dream Gate championship.

You'll also hear his G1 thoughts so far, a run down of tomorrow's matches at Korakuen including KATSUYORI SHIBATA VS. KATSUHIKO NAKAJIMA IN THE BIG MOUTH LOUD REMATCH 10 YEARS IN THE MAKING!!!

And you'll hear Alan's thoughts on the stacked Big Japan show at Sumo Hall (their biggest event of the year) and the taped All Japan show which will air tomorrow featuring the big Triple Crown match pitting Jun Akiyama against champion Kento Miyahara!

WE'RE FIRED UP in case you don't realize. Quick, you got 11 hours before the madness starts! CHECK IT!!!

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