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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Two falls, two submissions or a knock out!


It's an exciting day in DKP Land as we kick off a brand new series which you'll be seeing unfold over the next year . Alan and his pal Jamesie have decided to task themselves with an educational project for your listening pleasure and tackle the vast gift to wrestling history that is classic British grappling! Yes from World Of Sport to Reslo there's an endless amount of footage of Britain's greats from the 70s and 80s, and the lads are going to pick two wrestlers every edition and compare notes! We start in this first episode with a name many are familiar with and one that may be more unheralded - Mark "Rollerball" Rocco and Terry Rudge! Rocco is a man who can be credited with what became the New Japan junior heavyweight style of wrestling and Rudge is a grappler who the likes of William Regal contend is among the best ever. The lads watched a ton of both in the last few weeks and they're here to tell you all about their findings! CHECK IT!!!

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