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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Two falls, two submissions or a knockout!


The Queen rejoices as Jamesie joins Alan to resume the latest addition to the DKP family -- our new series discussing the greats of the World of Sport era.

The best of British are finely represented this week as we look at two fine upstanding gents. Peckham's Steve Grey and Oldham's Marty Jones! Yes these two "blue eyes" are a stark contrast from the villain we discussed last time but they are every bit as interesting. The lads break down matches featuring Grey and Jones against the likes of Fit Finlay, Bull Blitzer, Dynamite Kid, Roy Regal, Jim Breaks, Ken Joyce, and many more.

If you like your wrestling of the technically variety, or the fiery babyface variety, well then this is the show for you! Plus Alan unveils his picks for the next edition of the series! CHECK IT!!!

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