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February 4 2007 Dr. Keith Show

Dr. Keith Lipinski is back with the first week in a celebration of Wrestling Society X History month! This week Doc sits down with WSX co-Creator and head writer Kevin Kleinrock to talk about the first season, explosions, omelets, rancid, raw sewage matches of lore, Matt Classic, contracts, musical acts on commentary, MTV’s patience, overall goals, live electrical wire, the future and how much stuff can you do in 19 minutes a week? In addition: punctuation in the cinema, Shadoe Stevens, Larroquette, Casual Sex(~!)? Pebro Bryson (Who?), some wrestle talk, Turkish Camel Wrestling, Fan Mail, Van Halen, Internet Pirates, Krull, LA Mike, the Vin Man and did Barlow see his f

shadow? All this and more on a fun sized edition of the Dr. Keith Lipinski Show?

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