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February 9 2008 Dr. Keith Show

Valentines Day has come early sweet lovers! The Dr. Keith Show is back baby! Today, young sweetheart (and/or Tender Roni) Jack Evans speaks out about his Broken Face, Toast vs. Croissants, the road trips with NecroButcher, Emo, Chicago beef, Shoulders Torelli memories, The Booty Vulture, LOST~!, BXB Hulk, loaded steel head-butt of doom, breakdancing movies, Parker Lewis, zombies, and even NORM THE BI-POLAR MILLIONARE~! Then Naylor and Doc (not Young) discuss Lifetime movies, After School Specials, Baio, Heyman, ROH-DG, PWG, Brocky and 20th anniversary of the a major night in wrestling/Dr. Keith history! We heart you!

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