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FREE TODAY! Nov 26 - DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Chillin' with our Excalipal!

DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Chillin' with our Excalipal!

With a huge show set to come out on DVD this week and perhaps an even bigger show on December 10th, we felt there was no better time to check in with a longtime friend of the DKP, PWG commentator extraordinaire - EXCALIBUR! In what is quite clearly the best 90 minute Pro Wrestling marathon since Punk vs. Hero, Alan and Excalibur talk all things PWG - the Super Dragon return, the great debuts of the SSB and Future Shock, Generico vs. Dick Togo in the Excalibur Dream Match, the crazy trios match signed for January, Ndamukong Suh as the next PWG prospect and much more - plus we answer (and mock) YOUR questions. All of that FREE this week at! CHECK IT!!!

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