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FREE TODAY Oct 13 - DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Armbars & Antonios - Zack Sabre Jr. in Japan!!!

DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Armbars & Antonios

The best things in life are free they say, and our brand spanking new interview with Zack Sabre Jr. is certainly one of them!!! Zack is fresh off a three month stint in Pro Wrestling NOAH, where he lived his dream wrestling some of the biggest names in Japanese wrestling in some of the most historic venues. We talk to him about everything from living and training in the dojo, the NTV Cup tag league, the All Together supershow (and getting BUNDLED), meeting his heroes, the Kensuke Family, his new best friend and much much more. If you want to know about what it's like being a young gaijin in Japan, this is the interview for you and it's FREE this week on the DKP at - your source for everything ProWres!!! CHECK IT!!!

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