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Jan 27 - DR. KEITH PRESENTS: New Japan's 2014!

DR. KEITH PRESENTS: New Japan's 2014!!!

This week on the DKP, we're joined by Voices Of Wrestling's Joe Lanza (known to some as THE GURU OF GRAPPLING!) to talk a topic he's certainly well versed in - New Japan in the year 2014. As we continue our Year In Review series we look at what The King Of Sports offered us this past year, and attempt to focus on some of the lesser talked about stories and performances. We talk sleeper matches from the G1, KUSHIDA's great year, the rise of Komatsu & Tanaka, Best Of The Super Juniors and the New Japan tag team scene. Clocking in just over two hours, the show is short by Lanza standards but it still packs a punch!!! CHECK IT!!!

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