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July 11 2009 Dr. Keith Show

With the arrival of El Hijo Del Lipinski (or Handsome Tron Lipinski) only two weeks away, we have a very special BABY SHOWER~! edition of the Dr. Keith Show this week. And who else would you want at a baby shower than the omnipotent evil doer and potential Godfather Ultramantis Black and the man who you may know as Sonjay Dutt's new best friend - GIANT TIGER!!!! Sit back, relax and try not to choke on your water as young GT tells us about his road trips with Twiggy, his faction of manly men, his Tuesday night's in China Town and what he'd like to do to Dave Meltzer and his leather jacket. Mantis has some great tomes of his own following his foray into the land of the rising sun (Japan bro). UMB let's us know the wonders of homemade soap, his opinions on The Smiths vs. Joy Division and he even has some harsh words for his fellow guest. In addition to all this, Keith and Alan discuss everything from Chikara DVD's to UFC 100 to ladies tennis players to the season in which Taiyo Kea gave up watching the Mtv's Real World. Nothing but good times here this week on the DKS, ONLY at

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