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July 24 2009 Dr. Keith Show

F4W's answer to the Freebirds (or more aptly Three Count) is reunited for the first time in over a month and they make up for lost time with 90 minutes of talk about topless pictures of Cutie Suzuki, Gary Hart's hate for Big Boss Meltzer, Alan's loathing of Glacier's haircut (and Dr. Keith's old flattop), the first meeting of the unnamed chick from appreciation society, this picture, this promo, WHAT IS GATCHIRI MOKORI???, why Irish people hate America (its not just lucky charms), Keith's favorite 1995 WCW tag team didn't exist until 1996, Naylor has nothing to say to Craig Pittman, WCW and race relations, KARENS ANGLE~!, Jenna's hole doesn't pass our drug test, and everything in between. The ALAN'S MATCH OF THE WEEK is discussed in detail with many lovely tangents thrown in, Dr. Keith breaks out his big bag of mystery questions and of course DGUSA is gushed over as per usual. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!!! Two guests who will be wrestling on the show this Saturday stop by Badstreet Studios to talk to the Dr. "PS" Keith. What do Ken Doane and Jigsaw have to say about Cameros, old Masks, lookalike Pirates, 2 Cold Scorpio and more??? Tune in and find out!!!

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