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June 16 2009 Dr. Keith Show

Welcome to the halftime show here at! We're almost done a half rotation around the sun, the calender year is half over and its time to start talking about 2009 THE YEAR IN PRO WRESTLING (so far). Join Dr. Keith, Naylor, Alan4L, and audio whore Joe Gagne as they speak on their favorites so far in 2-0-0-9. Subjects include: Man of the Year: Brickhouse Brown or Davey Richards, BBC (not the british broadcast corporation), KENTA man crushes aplenty, the NAYLOR! award (for best mini), MOOV of the year, 90210's odd booking, and so much more! Over 90 minutes of (mostly) pro wrestling talk, with the level of quality and excellence you come to expect the Dr. Keith Lipinski Show (insert sarcasm here)! Happy Half Year CENSORED (sounds like duckers but with an F)!

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