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June 28 2010 Dr. Keith Show

Welcome one and all to the first episode of a new series on the DKP. Each episode of the series will focus on 2 or 3 feds that YOU need to be watching. Yes you. We'll have a different guest for each show and they'll be on to talk about the fed(s) they specialise in. We'll look at what's been good recently, what's upcoming that we're stoked for, who the outstanding performers are and what negative issues there may be for each company. First up we have a debutant to the show (first of many upcoming), Mike Falcone aka mykill, and he joins Alan to lay it down on DGUSA, EVOLVE and Chikara. The lads talk about the HYOOOOOGE weekend in July for all 3 groups, the BDK angle, EVOLVE's outside the ring stuff, Chikara vs. Kamikaze USA, Shingo vs. Danielson, Kingston vs. Danielson, Donst vs. Danielson, TBA vs. Danielson!! and so much more. Plus we even discuss a little CZW and JAPW. So check it out and please let us know what you think of the format! We liked it - so much so that we're making it a FREEEE show, proudly here at where you can get all sorts of other greatness including the greatest segment in site history on the latest Five Star Radio! CHECK IT!

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