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June 3 - DR. KEITH PRESENTS: The Greatest PPV Ever!!!

DR. KEITH PRESENTS: The Greatest PPV Ever!!!

This week on the DKP we have a unique, special treat. First off the reigns of hosting duties of the show are handed over for the first time ever to the beloved DKP regular Mr. Eamonn Dalton, and he has on his guest couch his usual partners in crime Alan Forelle and Justin Shapiro. The reason for this crazy turn of events is because the guys are gathered this week to discuss Eamo's grand pontifications as a youthful and exuberant wrestling fan in 2003, when he took pen to paper and constructed what will go down in legend as simply "The Greatest PPV Ever". The lads go through the card match by match offering predictions, further ideas and inapproptiate jokes. Dabble on top a little talk of buzz and buys and you have a pretty comprehensive PPV preview, getting you set for the big one!!! CHECK IT!!!

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