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March 13 2009 Dr. Keith Show

"Wait, you still do radio shows?" CENSORED yes. Like RATT - we're back for more in tightrolled acid washed jeans and like KISS we're trying to get on your sweet grandmother. Join us this week for an all new FREE Dr. Keith Lipinski Show - maybe calling this a show is an understatement - as this is a two hour plus radio epic, with your friendly neighbourhood Doctor and your friendly neighbourhood Naylor. We've got special interviews with TNA's Sonjay Dutt, who laments on being #2 for worst feud of the year in the Wrestling Observer awards last year and PWG's main man, the comish of food AND beverage Excalibur, who brings the crazy SCOOPS on PWG 99 & 100 and a zillion questions about Paul London's "Intrepid Traveler" spaceship. Also a brand new segment!!!! As Rob and Dr. Keith are joined by a crazy Irishman to talk everything under the bloody irish sun except Shamrock Shakes - and actually talking PRO WRESTLING (on this show?? Who would have thought!!). Pour yourself a stiff one (no, that's not a term for masturbation - but it should be) and get ready to taste the radness and the irishness this week on the Dr. Keith Show!

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