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March 26 2009 Dr. Keith Show

The magnum audio opus continues - Get your fix of Turtle RAPE!~ (like DeGrassi we go there), ROH HD-NET episode one (a new hope or some kinda phantom menace?), Chikky Luv, SHIIIINGO, Steve Doll memories, Jimmy Del Ray and why you shouldn't introduce him to your kid sister, Alan and Naylor talk about "Ireland stereotypes" while Dr. Keith takes a phone call (professionalism) and Young Rob (who is now a medicine man) is left to steer sailing ship DKS...will he channel Captain Mike Rotundo and lead the ship to the promised land or play a game of GLOW F-Marry_Kill? In addition, we have two very special guests from THIS WEEKENDS CHIKARA KING OF TRIOS~!~!~! Senior official Bryce Remsberg and F.I.S.T. member Charles Taylor join the program to talk ant murder, weezer, karaoke, the legend of Orange Cassidy, Massaging Generico, NCAA/KOT brackets, the greatest idea in the history of pro wrestling this week (ie carnival games including the Gran Akuma staring
contest during the CHIKARA FAN CONCLAVE)...and so much in a FREE THREE PLUS HOUR show as packed as Yokozuna's belly.

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