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March 29 2007 Dr. Keith Show

One part backhair (Barlow), two parts Italian Snaggletooth (Mauro y Mike) and a wired on wellness Polak and you have this weeks Dr. Keith SHOW~! The Fight Network’s Mauro Ranallo returns to the warm embraces of old PPH Crue. Witness the quickness as Mauro drops truth bombs including: UFC-Pride merger, LA Coliseum, Lesnar vs. Techno Goliath, Bad News, Stampede, EliteXC, future in radio. Plus a special musical Mauro minute and a statement from Mr. Ranallo’s attorney! Other topics of random conversation: Bowling with Blaster (Lashley), Mania, MNM, the wit and wisdom of Paul Stanley and singin’ Kawada. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! Thank youuuuu!

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