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March 8 2008 Dr. Keith Show

Dr. Keith Lipinski, TDK~! squadron captain Brodie Lee, referee and masterful chauffeur PJ Drummond, King Of Trio gold medalist Lince Dorado, senior referee Bryce Remsberg, SOUL TOUCHAZ~! manager C. Red, "Director of Fun" Leonard Chikarason, and Rob Naylor discuss the 2007 CHIKARA King Of Trios tournament in this all star road report show. FUN, professional wrestling, Ants, cheese steaks, Glacier, Goats, Demolition, Baby-Oil, merchandising, Backspin, missed fouls, Frank Talent, "cop and a half," dropping a deuce while someone drops a promo, lottery machines, co-host height, and so much more. A show tour de force for FREE!

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