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May 26 - DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Second City Sweetness!!!

DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Second City Sweetness!!!

This week's DKP is all about Chi-Town!!! No not the pizza, but the two events last weekend in the Windy City which made Chicago feel once again like the indy wrestling hotbed it was in 2006 and 2007. We talk to Pro Wrestling Ponderings' Kevin Ford about the AAW show he attended featuring MIXED MARTIAL ARCHIE VS. DAVEY RICHARDS, and an incredible tag match pitting the team of ACH & Michael Elgin against Richards & Kyle O'Reilly. Then Mikey Blanton joins us to talk the Chikara Tag World Grand Prix featuring injury storylines, time travelling and even the appearance of some lady-parts! We somehow managed to turn that into alot of WCW discussion but that's how we roll on the DKP! CHECK IT!!!

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