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November 17 2007 Dr. Keith Show

To celebrate the finale of year six, it’s a CHIKARA ESPECIAL!!! Team F.I.S.T.’s Icarus talks losing his mask, hair, and the Campeones de Parejas! Saget, Wrestle Factory, Hydra’s GED, ugly dresses, DAN~!, timeshares, Briscoes, the macroeconomic theory of pie to Smart Mark DVDs! Beloved rookie Tim Donst talks being a great American, Meat, beatdowns, HEROS~!, MMA and amateur wrestling, headgear fashion, TEAM DR. KEITH~! and Chuck Taylor’s singing. Naylor Nuggets aplenty, why Chris Hero is a great man, why Adam Pearce is a CENSORED jerk, Survivor Series Memories! Plus Win a copy of Best Of CHIKARA DVD (answers to! Arrivederci!

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