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Octobe 19 2007 Dr. Keith Show

The general practitioner of F4W~! returns to get low with the Dirty South’s Luke Hawx, who talks WWE tryouts,
Palumbo, Cat-Bo, being an alter boy, Rob Black’s douchebagedness, death match psychology,
Heidenriech at Wal-Mart, ROD PRICE~!, main eventing ROH, CZW, PWU, TNA, Juggaloquacious, BET Uncut, and
the coolest man alive! Also, this
week’s Naylor Nugget: Batista - Warlord historian, 2¢ Guy,
Full Nelson continuity, Teddy Hart: No Limit Soldier, replica belts across America, Eclectic K as
the Geisha, parental reviews of “Doin’ Time with New Jack", pregger sex, Barlow for Hire,
WrestleFanFest, and more. So RECALL THIS, BITCH. It’s the Dr. Keith Show at

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