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October 23 2008 Dr. Keith Show

Dr. Keith is finally back (yes, we're serious this time), and is FREE this week! The show you love to hate, yet hate to miss returns with two exciting guests - both with tremendous manes. First, a VERY SPECIAL MYSTERY GUEST~! joins us to talk TNA going HD (tonight!), advice to the "youngsters" in the business, Alex Shelley love, and the finest hair care tips known to mankind. Then, CHIKARA's Director of Fun Leonard F. Chikarason joins the program to discuss the global gauntlet, Cibernetico, Vin Gerrard, wellness, Eric the Actor, something called "Sagetgate", and more! Plus, Barlow does a run-in on a marathon, Semp's strong style brain, has the wrestling world lost its mustacheability, Naylor and Lipinski talk 90210 classic and new school and A WHOLE LOT MORE!

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