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October 4 Dr. Keith Show~! Dr. Keith Show

NWA World Junior, IWA-MS World & Light Heavyweight Champion "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush might be off the ROH shows but only sweet death would prevent him from hangin’ with the Doc! Concussion, TPI, Egyptians vs. Bovines, CHIKARA, Japan, lucha, students discussion ahoy! Mitch Ryder preaches the “Simply Marvelous” gospel on WCW Saturday Night, PG-13 roadtrips, midgets, XCW Midwest and more! Plus MONKEY PORN~!, a new member makes his debut with a NUGGET~! of wisdom, Keith Karaoke, torn pectoral muscles for everyone! In the immortal words of the Wiseman Bivins, “smack it up, flip it, rub it down, oh no!” It’s the Dr. Keith Show!

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