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September 14 2007 Dr. Keith Show

After his own whacky non-National Lampoon's European Vacation and taking most of the summer off, Dr. Keith Lipinski is BACK BABY~! With a three hour bonanza of a radio extravaganza! First off, NWA World Champion Adam Pearce discusses NWA in 2007, Project 161, and what to look for in a good man servant. ECW Original THE MUSKETEER~! chats about Simon's problems, Mitch, and sword play. Finally, Ted the Trailer McNailer deliberates Chico Hate, spelling bees and fundraising. Other topics of fancy: Clamato, Sinbad, Albi, disease, memories of the summer of 2007, Kawada > Britney, and more! Guaranteed to be more pleasurable then one of Barlow's pants-off Mojito Parties!

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