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Dragon King Karl Audio: Lizmark, Star Wars spoilers, a little rock'n'roll


This week's show is a change of pace to wrap up 2015 with the only wrestling talk being the death of luchadore Lizmark who was a major career rival of Karl's mentor in pro wrestling, the late Ken Timbs. Timbs and Lizmark had a big feud in CMLL in the late 1980s over one of the major championships in Mexico.

After that, it's all off topic:

- The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees have been announced for this year and Karl talks about the merits of Chicago, N.W.A., Steve Miller Band, Cheap Trick, and Deep Purple in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Being a big Chicago fan dating back to the 1970s, Karl tells you what makes them great (and what doesn't). He also talks about why major bands with huge success and staying power have been historically overlooked by the Hall of Fame.  

- Then, the second half of the show is all Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers. In fact, there's so many spoilers that Don Jardine would say "Whoa! That's a lot of Spoilers!".  Enjoy but do not listen if you don't want to be spoiled

Sit back and enjoy the final DragonKingKarl Show of 2015 and may the force be with you!

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