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Dragon King Karl Classic Wrestling Audio: WWE Network's new additions examined


On this week's show, the conversation is about all the new classic, old-school wrestling shows which have been added lately to the WWE Network.

Finally taking advantage of their incredible tape library, WWE has finally added a sizeable amount of classic content to the online network. Included among the newly added material is NWA World Championship Wrestling from TBS, late-era AWA, Mid-South Srestling, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, more World Class Championship Wrestling, Global Wrestling Federation, and even some Stampede Wrestling from Calgary...for a few days anyway.

Karl also discusses the animated David Crockett and apparently, his dog hates him.  Who knew?  Then in the second half of the show, Karl takes a few questions out of the mailbag including some follow up emails from the Monsters Of Wrestling show he did back around Halloween. We learn more about the Los Angeles Monster and hockey masked maniacs.

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