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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Marathon: "Dr. Death" Steve Williams


Photo Credit: Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman

On today's July Classic Wrestling Marathon Show, host Karl Stern takes a look at another of his personal favorite wrestlers in "Dr. Death" Steve Williams.

As far as tough guys go, Williams certainly had the reputation for being just that. A standout football player and wrestler at the University of Oklahoma, Williams started wrestling during college breaks as a personal favorite of Bill Watts in the Mid-South area. Though Williams had runs in WCW and WWF, he was far and away most successful in All-Japan Pro Wrestling during an era when AJPW had the best wrestling in the world.

Williams was part of multiple top tag teams with partners like Ted DiBiase and Terry Gordy. Williams and Gordy dominated the Japanese tag team division during the early 1990s, and had a memorable run against the Steiner Brothers in WCW. His health took a turn for the worse while Doc was in his mid-40s as he fought cancer on multiple occassions.

In this latest edition of the July Classic Wrestling Marathon, Karl Stern takes a look at one of Jim Ross' favorite pro wrestlers: Steve Williams. Click below to play or right click to save to your computer.

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