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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Marathon: Lex Luger, pt. II


This is the second half of the Lex Luger biography, so be sure to listen to episode one first

This second part focuses on the later part of Luger's WWF tenure, and his entrance into WCW on the first WCW Monday Nitro. His second WCW run is covered and then the chaotic years after the end of WCW. 

Luger's rise to stardom was quick and not without controversy, but the later half of his career was equally wild and crazy.  After bodyslamming Yokozuna and taking the Lex Express to nowhere, Luger found himself floundering in the WWF teaming with the British Bulldog.  When Sting contacted him about jumping to the soon to be launched WCW Monday Nitro, a secret plan was launched that made Nitro must-watch television from the first episode.

His second run in WCW was just as wild as his first and by the time WCW was sinking, Lex Luger's personal life and attitude were also in chaos. Following a series of arrests and the death of Miss Elizabeth at the house she shared with Luger, he seemed to be getting back on a straighter path when he suffered a catastrophic health crisis.

The July classic wrestling marathon continues with part two of Karl Stern's look at the only and only Lex Luger.

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