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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Marathon: Masked Superstar/Demolition Ax


Today, host Karl Stern takes a look at the career of Bill Eadie, best known under two gimmicks, the territory traveling Masked Superstar and later as the face-paint wearing Demolition Ax.  

Eadie was a world traveler who competed for the NWA, WWF, and top New Japan championships over the course of a long career. Starting out under the Mongol gimmick, he soon found huge success all over the world under a mask. 

Fans of Georgia Championship Wrestling on WTBS 17 certainly remember the Masked Superstar as one of the top stars in the area. He held a variety of titles and worked programs with all the big names that came through the area over the years he was there.

Fans of late 1970s and early 1980s WWF remember the Masked Superstar as a top challenger to Bob Backlund's WWF title, and later as part of The Machines tag teams with Andre the Giant, Blackjack Mulligan, and others.  

In both Mid-South and Florida, the Masked Superstar was one of the most feared heels to come into the area.  Later in his career, without fanfare, Eadie abandoned his mask and put on face paint to become one of the most successful tag teams in WWF history -- Demolition.  

Demolition has seemingly been largely written out of history and Karl will get into why that is.

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