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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Marathon: Power and Paint


Apparently, post-nuclear war, mankind will take off their shirts, dawn old football shoulder pads, and paint their faces. They may or may not have weird haircuts. Hockey masks may or may not be included. We will run around the planet chasing gasoline, but above all, else we will look really, really bad ass. 

In the early 1980s the Mad Max movie sequel "The Road Warrior" spawned a huge number of dystopian renegade characters in wrestling.

First were Hawk and Animal as the Road Warriors, then Jimmy Hart introduced the lead heel in the movie, the Lord Humongous, then from there almost every territory introduced their clone or knock off version. As the Road Warriors gained more popularity the numbers grew. 

The Road Warriors, Demolition, Lord Humongous, Sting, the Ultimate Warrior, the Powers of Pain, Madd Maxx & Super Maxx, the Terminator, the Black Assassin, and many more. Today, host Karl Stern takes a look at the weird gimmick of Power and Paint!

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