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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Show: Huge 1920s shoot match


On this episode we look at the era of Ed "Strangler" Lewis and some really interesting stuff that happened during the early 1920s, including a big shoot match between an Olympic silver medalist and a mystery opponent known only as The Unknown!

It's pro wrestling at its finest, only this wasn't the 1980s -- it was the 1920s. Plus, we look at some early MMA action too.

Topics covered on today's show:

  • What's coming up for the July Classic Wrestling Marathon?
  • The reigns of Ed "Strangler" Lewis, Stanislaus Zbyszko, and Wladek Zbyszko.
  • One of my favorite shoot matches of all time, this one is right out of the 1980s NWA. An Olympic silver medalist issues a challenge to the World Heavyweight Champion because he's real and wrestling is fake, you know? Well, the promoters said okay, but first you must defeat THE UNKNOWN! What happens next is very interesting.

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