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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Show: ICW 1986 TV review


Have I got a special treat for you today: an episode of Joe Savoldi's International Championship Wrestling from a winter 1986 TV taping.

Watch along on YouTube.

I call this episode "Daddy Issues" because it is full of sons and fathers and various issues. Cpl. Terry Daniels (apparently promoted from Private) is looking for his deadbeat dad and needs your help (I'm not making this up), Angelo Savoldi wants you to know about his sons who are helping him run this joint, and the one and only George Gulas bought commercial time on this very program to tell about his dad. And when Daddy says sell, you better get to selling.

Also, you'll see wrestling with Ron Sexton, Austin Idol, Kevin Sullivan, Purple Haze, and Ken Timbs, hosted by this very website's Les Thatcher.

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